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Welcome To Our World Of Compressed Air

His aim is to build the company into one of the leading companies in the industry, laying the foundations on a reputation which has grown in his roles with MB Air Systems, Atlas Copco and Industry Air.

Henry said: “I served my apprenticeship as a service engineer and built an excellent reputation over 15 years, moved into the contract side for six years, made a success of that and three years ago went into a sales manager role and could have continued in that job. But I like a challenge.

“All the way through it has been an ambition to start my own family company. My son already wants to get involved in the industry and the hope is he will be able to join the business as we develop and serve his apprenticeship.

“I have no doubt there are exciting times ahead, but they are going to be challenging. I am a realist and I know we won’t be world beaters overnight, but I have a three-year plan and then we will review and look at the next three years.

“In five years we will be covering the North-East, including Teesside, North Yorkshire and Cumbria, and my aim is to be at the top of the tree with my son alongside me.

“The important thing is to get my name out there, as the owner of Teesside Air Supply, and from there, I have no doubt business will increase.”

As well as building on his reputation, Henry believes his ten-point plan for customers will also help him establish Teesside Air Supply in the initial stages of development.

The points are: family owned, trustworthy, knowledge, expertise, reliability, realistic pricing, quality products, energy saving, understanding the customer and outstanding warranty on new equipment.

Henry added: “We are working with ELGI and Champion, leading manufacturers of compressed air equipment, offering a 10-year warranty, which speaks volumes of the products Teesside Air Supply can offer. We are providing realistic pricing and value for money.

“And people who have dealt with me know I am big on energy saving. It is not about selling anything for the sake of it to customers but looking at the bigger picture and offering an honest opinion on their needs.

“We are a company that is reliable, trustworthy, honest and offers realistic pricing. We will be what it says on the tin. “I have had some fantastic support so far, which has been great.”

Teesside Air Supply can help you with:

  • Sales / service / hire of all compressed air equipment
  • On-site nitrogen generation
  • Breathing air packages
  • Turn-key packages
  • Installation
  • Supplier of pumps
  • Supplier of electric generators
  • On-site energy audits